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Domestic and international very much investigation discovers, the gross that eats food and the risk that contract chronic disease show inverse ratio; but Hong Kong has investigation discovery, the amount that takes rice meal and diabetic risk have positive to close. A few investigation of the United States also have similar discovery. Visible, if cannot have rice wisely, possible meeting is offended to oneself will bother.

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The biggest principle — let rice as far as possible ” weak “

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On one hand, do not add oil between rice as far as possible, lest increase additional energy, also avoid the more elevatory blood fat after eat. Accordingly, fry a meal best can eat less, add banger to cook, perhaps mix with the dish that contains oil meal, also ought to avoid as far as possible. On the other hand, do not join salt, soy and gourmet powder between rice as far as possible, avoid to increase additional salinity, otherwise adverse control blood pressure and accident of precautionary heart and vessels.

What the explanation wants here is, join vinegar, with laverFall in love with the sea

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Wrap up, among add vegetable and raw fish a kind of practice accords with delicate principle. Acetic itself can reduce blood sugar to react, can helping laver of; of control blood fat and raw fish also is advantageous to the heart and vessels feed capable person. So, want to had not eaten salty cooked food at the same time only, laver meal coils is the staple food that suits chronic person edible quite.

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Breakfast: Cucumber meal of laver of 3 article fish coils 4, milk 1 cup, orange 2

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