Pass Ren Tiantang to will push new edition Switch 2019 preferential increase in-house memory


Roll out new edition Switch about Ren Tiantang, there is rumor a lot of times before, and near future of auspicious of thunder of president of Ren Tiantang United States also had a response. The Switch that Lei Ji expresses to the company’s current focus is now, hardware of generally speaking new edition is in lifecycle end is rolled out, the suggestion strengthens edition Switch nearly two years is won’t some.
However now cite of foreign media Gaming Intel ” exclusive message ” say, ren Tiantang plans to rolled out Switch of a new edition 2019. New edition Switch is the biggest altering is to increase in-house memory. The Switch that intermediary expresses the picture is medium outside is notional graph interior word former word is: “I just obtained an information, switch of a correcting will be rolled out in next year, in-house memory capacity will increase. First choice increases Ren Tiantang memory is the game that buys from Eshop because of the player and digital download increasing. I am endeavoring to make clear this Hunan new edition Switch 2019 now is Switch Pro kind new like Ren Tiantang still 3DS is in that way small extent upgrades. ” increase besides in-house memory outside, intermediary still expects new edition Switch still can carry a new screen outside, because the screen of current Switch is used, is the technology of lower end. And new edition Switch can be changed likely use more bright more the screen that omits report. Intermediary figures outside new edition Switch 2019 year the possibility of put on sale of second half of the year is a few larger, after all the time of Switch more quiet stock that put on sale of second half of the year can give current version. Intermediary Gaming Intel often explodes outside makings all sorts of inside informations, some exploding expect been confirm is true, but also having a lot of is a holiday. As to today’s hearsay, it is good that everybody still looks, everything still awaits authoritative information.

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