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The person that has had Western-style food should know to basically divide the desert after entree of the dish before be and meal in Western-style food, these 3 kinds of food go up according to measure, in the course that takes Western-style food, the biscuit before eat made the food that the first end comes up. But for formal to knowing Western-style food person, how does the biscuit before eat have a to perplex them major difficult problem. Today’s article explains to have a way about what wrap before eat for old furniture body1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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 How does the biscuit before eat eat

In Western-style food always little not bun, according with the biscuit with formal Western-style food to have a way should be to use two tactics to rip small first, reoccupy left hand takes eating principle.

When taking pilot bread, rip with the hand not only arduous and crumble can drop full ground, can use right nowLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The knife is cut firstForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Into two half, reoccupy hand is ripped agglomerate will eat.

Avoid to resemble using biscuit is cut like saw, should first midsection of knife penetrate into, cut toward the part that approachs him body, turn biscuit again come over to cut off other in part. When cutting, can use secure biscuit, avoid to give out noise.

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 How does the biscuit before eat eat

When dining, it is good that biscuit always can use a small basket to fill put on table, in order to offer each repast person enjoy. When edible biscuit need is abided by a few formal.

1, if biscuit is put in yours locally, OK and optional end has basket, the person that let the repast of your right is taken with.

2, if bread makes strip, need to cut its first, the person that let your left repast is taken with, pass basket the person that give the repast that gives you right again next.

3, must not make a bread with hand contact directly, use the table linen in biscuit basket however, press its gently with the hand on biscuit, cut biscuit an account again.

4, the dish that puts biscuit and cream at your left to fill butterA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Child go up, dissection next the sop of a size, a few butter on besmear again edible.

5, must not besmear entire one-sided package on butter, eat off readily readily next.

 How does the biscuit before eat eat

6, must not take bread single-handed, take drink single-handed.

7, must not be in itsLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Other does not have the premise of edible biscuit to fall, take away last biscuit.

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