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Abalone is a kind of mollusc, at the same timeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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It is seafood, the mouthfeel of abalone is very goodLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Q is played slippery tender, and contain a lot ofin abalone have rich protein, also have the nutrient element with essential human body, calcic, iron, the microelement such as zincLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, the nutrient value in abalone is extremely high, among them globulin can be called to be number off, can abstract come out, perhaps metabolize to cancer cell have very great help, abalone itself does not have helminth, because this is seafood.

Does abalone have helminth

Is there helminth inside abalone body

The nutrient value of abalone is very rich, contain more than 20 kinds of amino acid, every 100 Ke Xianbao cruelly oppress contain rich protein 23.4 grams, adipose 3.4 grams, inorganic salt is calcic 32 milligram, 3 milligram, iron still has equivalent iodic, zinc, phosphor and vitamin A, b1, get accordingly the loving of a lot of people.

Does abalone have helminth

The nutrient value of abalone
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Not only contain very rich protein, and the nutrient element with the essential human body that still has a lot of, for example calcic, iron, iodine and vitamin A.

Value of 2. abalone nutrition is extremely high, one kind still is contained to be called in the flesh that contains a lot ofrich globulin; abalone the composition of Bao Su ” , can destroy the metabolization material with indispensible cancer cell.

3. abalone can raise kidney of shade, smooth liver, solid, can adjust adrenal secrete, have the effect of pair of tropism adjustment blood pressure.

4. female friends edible abalone, have the effect of regulate the menstrual function and bowel of benefit of moisten the respiratory tract, edible can be treated and often alleviate the disease such as discordant defecate constipate has period.

Does abalone have helminth

5. abalone has effect of take a tonic to build up health of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, it is one kind fills and not of dry marine, there is toothache after eating, spread the side effect such as nosebleed,

The nutrition of 6. abalone is 7 times of Australian walnut.

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Suffer from helminth, bring about do not photograph feed, formicate is slow, die before long. Infection is led 60% , mortality is close 100% . It is OK and clear to fall from microscope the puppy that observes each organs inside body of sicken childish Bao have elliptic translucence is in errant to move about, have some of similar roll or wriggle. Helminth is general not quite healthful place or the condition differs the flesh to be able to have helminth, and it is fresh pork is in the majority. But also need not fear, because defend unripe qualification,good dining room won’t have this kind of case.

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