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Usually, after the female is pregnant, as a result of the influence of the hormone inside body, general body is to be able to appear a lot of change, nevertheless the body state as a result of everybody is different, because this appearing change also is different, some pregnant mom appeared the circumstance that private parts blackens, some pregnant mom appeared the circumstance that little pork bead grows on the tit, appear after this kind of symptom, often worrying particularly is healthy appeared unusual, how be to return a responsibility after all?

 Breast is dizzy during be pregnant bead of long little pork

How does the bosom breed bead of dizzy long little pork is to return a responsibility during pregnant?

The mammary gland after be pregnant will be proliferous of development, breast is dizzy all round can tubercle of unconscious family name is formed, little grain is very normal, not afraidLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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. During suggesting you are pregnant, the attention rests, assure enough sleep, nutrition wants balanced, go out more at ordinary times, breathing fresh air, go to a hospital monitoring fetal development state of affairs regularly.

Be pregnant what does mammary change have

1, in pregnant initial stage the change of the body also includes tit change. The sense that at first the tit changes is not clear, instead the change inside body will be very big. Be pregnant the metabolic expression of earlier symptom breast is a breast heavy, aching or hair is close, may feel resemble coming the ache before Mom of mother’s eldest sister, but more intense.

2, be pregnant earlier, the breast that pregnant woman can feel him is dizzy expand, pigment increases. Tit also from pink turn into black Brown or Brown, color can be deepened all the time, became black till finally. Apophysis of sebaceous glands of lacteal dizzy place, resembling it seems that is hammock rash, also may be occurrence circle tubercle. Be pregnant these change of earlier symptom breast, it is normal reaction, need not excessive concern.

 Breast is dizzy during be pregnant bead of long little pork

3, after the woman is pregnant 40 days, placental, downy meeting secretes more estrogen, progestational hormone to reach the element that urge breast, make mammary gland greatens, feel the breast bilges thereby painful, serious when may whole pregnancy is in bilge painful in spend. The breast bilges painful reason also has more, if be not decreased for long sorely, or more and more serious, oneself feel mammary sense the bump with uneven, not clear edge, have to go to a hospital having detailed examinationForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Be pregnant earlier note

1, sexual life wants abstemious. Husband and wife lives sexual life is the couple after marriage’s normal life. But after the wife is pregnant, how living sexual life is the thing that should value highly however. To assure fetal health, 3 months should avoid gravid head sexual intercourse.

2, these circumstances need seek medical advice. To pregnant Mom, be pregnant earlier, ectopic pregnancy of the most dangerous its nothing is more… than and abortion, and Mom of the pregnant when producing these two kinds of situationsNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can produce bellyacke, vagina to bleed, accordingly, if once pregnant Mom discovers bellyacke or vagina bleed, need timely seek medical advice.

 Breast is dizzy during be pregnant bead of long little pork

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3, additional folic acid, prevent fetal deformation. Pregnant head the key that 3 months are development of fetal god be in charge of period, accordingly, accurate mom should avoid as far as possibleNew love Shanghai is the same as a cityForum of Shanghai noble baby

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All sorts of undesirable elements, be like smoke wine environment, harmful and chemical material, the house that new clothes builds, the environment with not current air is waited a moment, and enhance him immunity power, avoid poison of catch a disease catch a disease to affect, more do not want privately to take medicaments. To prevent fetal deformation, pregnant Mom from pregnant inchoate begin (had better be pregnant from the plan begin) , need additional folic acid. The food that contains a lot offolic acid has liver of red three-colored amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, legume, yeasty, animal and apple, orange to wait.

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