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Fat automatical it is to be able to be affected bear, so people still should want to add the figure that cares about his to change more, slight and fat people is not to need so go noticing, if the body that won’t give oneself is inside a reasonable range,bring only any harm, but the patient that exceeds bid already badly must want to notice, lie especially the female friends of equipment pregnant condition, should want to reduce weight more, lest cannot be borne.

 Is fat influence borne

1, disease of coriaceous mellow grow in quantity

Disease of coriaceous mellow grow in quantity: Namely Cushing is asked for integratedly, because all sorts of reasons bring about body endodermis,be qualitative mellow overmuch be caused by. Clinical expression is centrality violet grain of back of face of fat, full moon, buffalo, skin, acne, hypertensive, metabolization sweeny of unusual, limb. Lab examination discovers blood in the urine is coriaceous hydroxide of 17- of mellow, ACTH, make water, 17- ketone unusual, union is adrenal B exceeds, examination of head CT, MRI conduces to fixed position diagnosing.

2, insulin tumour

Insulin tumour is the tumour that the cell of pancreas islet organizes, can secrete insulin independently, bring about the hypoglycemia that breaks out repeatedly, force a patient to enhance food to alleviate symptom. Feed moreShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, disease of blood of together with tall pancreas islet will bring about a patient fat. Whipples is triplex ask for quite significant to diagnosing: The blood sugar when ② of; of fit of symptom of the hypoglycemia when ① is hollow breaks out under 2.8 MmoForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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L/L; ③ takes food or vein alleviates with the symptom after dextrose. Level of the insulin in blood determines, pancreatic CT, alternative angiography conduces to diagnose.

3, thyroid function is low

Thyroid function is low disease is hormone of the thyroid gland inside body secretes inadequacy, cause increase of the fluid inside the cell, the protein of capillary leakage increases, humoralFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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A large number of retention are inside airframe, bring about mucus sex oedema, gain weight similar and fat, but be not adipose organization to increase. Typical patient often has be afraid of cold, skin dry, expression is dim etc, check T3, T4, TSH to be able to be differentiated.

 Is fat influence borne

4, hypophysis tumour

Hypophysis ACTH tumour, PRL tumour and GH tumour and fat and relevant. ACTH tumour is a of disease of coriaceous mellow grow in quantity common type. GH tumour secretes a large number of growth hormone, bring about parenchyma, splanchnic reach skeletal and excessive proliferous hypertrophy, make weight increases apparently, but adipose organization is actual not proliferous. PRL tumour secretes overmuch secrete breast element, partial GH action brings about gain weight. Determine to the hormone of diagnostic hang on of afore-mentioned tumour, dynamic function examination and video learn to check.

5, head issueing grave is asked for integratedly

Head of the grave below a variety of disease drag in can send put together of head issueing graveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Close proof, pathological changes damages forehead of head issueing grave and celiac inside nucleus to cause gorge centre damage, the patient is fed more fat. This disease patient often has neurological unusual show and companion has endocrine function unusual, level of hormone of head issueing grave, hypophysis detects reach video learn an examination to be able to be differentiated.

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 Is fat influence borne

6, much bursa is ovarian and integrated ask for (POCS)

Much bursa is ovarian and integrated asking for a likelihood is to bear period one of the woman’s commonnest endocrine diseases, most PCOS patient is shown medium and fat, than ideal weight tower above 5% the left and right sides, the change of physiology of diagnostic sex pathology of PCOS is Kaohsiung hormone sex without oviposit. Because insulin resistance brings about tall insulin hematic disease, it is a of PCOS common characteristic. PCOS often has fat, much wool, period unusual, without oviposit sex infecund;B exceeds show ovarian and intumescent, can endowment differentiate

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