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The body that becomes us gets traumatic and bleed or when cut is too big, must inject in time tetanic medicaments, lest cause serious consequence, but when does tetanus break out? Tetanic preclinical not fixed, the time that everybody breaks out is different, some people can be in a day or happen inside two days; A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Some people can be however after ten days fit, it is very important still to say inject tetanus is vaccinal so.

When does tetanus break out

Tetanic bacili is extensive consist in clay and at one’s convenience of person cultivate dung, it is bacili of afterbirth of bud of sex of oxygen of be disgusted with of positive of coloring of family name of a kind of change orchid. Tetanic bacili and its toxin cannot invade normal skin and mucous membrane, reason tetanus happens after the injury.

Tetanic preclinical it is 6-12 day commonly, also have what come on inside 1-2 day. Preclinical shorter person, prognosis is poorer. Also have after the injury a few months or come on several years because of from time to time of cleared focus of a disease, nevertheless such very few. Will tell commonly, cut is not very deep, pollute without the eyewinker inside cut not very is met tetanicly. If the mouth outside cut is very small, there is necrotic organization inside cut, clot congest crosses ram to be tightened too, local be short of blood to wait, formed to suit bacterium of oxygen of this be disgusted with to grow progenitive anoxic environment, such easy infection are tetanic.

When does tetanus break out

Prodromal stage expression is lack of power, have a headache, glossal root hair is good, deglutition inconvenience and neck roll do not freely etc. Typical display is muscle durative rigidity systole and clonic convulsive, original occurrence mastication is disadvantageous, masticatory flesh is nervous, aching sex rigidity, dehisce difficulty, forced smile countenance, deglutition difficulty, neck rigidity, opisthotonos, breath is difficult, nervous, choke even. Slight stimulation (strong light, wind is blown, noise and shake wait for) , all can cause convulsive show effect. Local model tetanic, systole of sarcous rigidity sex is confined to scar around or injury limb, general preclinical longer, the symptom is lighter, prognosis is better.

Tetanus is clinical go up one of common diseases, the patient can show a lot of clinical symptoms commonly, general and inchoate symptom basically is muscle calorific JingShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Contraction, what often say is jerky, include facial muscle, when having a thing, the muscle before ear can appear painful ache, according to you circumstance analysis, the likelihood is not tetanic, the likelihood is the infection of fungus, the proposal makes an inspection in time, understand the reason of the disease, the circumstance such as progress, facilitate accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Rest more at ordinary times, drink water more.

When does tetanus break out

If all open sex injury are phlogistic implement fracture of injury, open sex, burn, petty even cut if forest thorn or rubiginous hammer are stabbed, all produce tetanus likely. Tetanus also sees at the new student the gastric bowel that the umbilical incomplete without disinfection is carried and the induced abortion; with lax disinfection can produce occasionally is excised after line operation after staying in the old eyewinker inside body.

There is tetanic bacili inside cut, do not come on certainly the happening of; tetanus besides with bacterial poison force strong, amount is much, or outside lacking the circumstance such as immune force to concern, of local cut anoxic it is an element that is helpful for coming on. Accordingly, when cut narrow deep, lack blood, necrotic setLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Knit much, drainage not free, mix, tetanic incidental. The chloridize calcium that contains inside clay can have other need oxidation pus to bacterium is affected and be caused the organization is made when cut is local and anoxic necrotic, be helpful for breed of bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with, the rust that reason contains clay is nailed or forest of thorn stab cause tetanus easily.

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