[spermary drawing operation] – of action of _ of _ operation cure


Article introduction

Spermary drawing operation has treatment in the light of the symptom of spermary skin prolapse, this kind of symptom is to be able to bring about spermary excretive spermatozoon to decrease, so male friend prospect should use accurate method to undertake pulling when spermary is flaggingShanghai night net

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Stretch the skin. Spermary needs to undertake anaesthesia before the operation of drawing operation, and the skin that should clean pudenda, and want undertake spermary fixed, ability can correct the problem of spermary prolapse, specific operation means can understand.

Spermary drawing operation

Anaesthetic means reachs the preparation before art

1. anaesthetic means

The anaesthesia inside vertebra canal, continuously sluggish of block of the antrum outside stiff backbone film is anaesthetic, or local soak is anaesthetic. Children uses general anesthesia.

The preparation before 2. art

Before art 1 day of shave go pubic hair, clean perinealLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Ministry skin.


Gao of hidden from view of 1. children odd side.

2. children is bilateral concealed Gao, via chorion hormone of hurried sexual gland treats the person that still did not drop.

Gao of 3. adult concealed, general still feasible spermary secures skill, gao of hidden from view of the side that be like sheet and1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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This side spermary already height is atrophic, should go spermary excision, in case spermary is malign change.

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4. different spermary, wander spermary or amalgamative the concealed Gao that has inguinal hernia.

Dislocation of spermary of 5. traumatic sex, restoration of deal with law is abortive person.

Spermary drawing operation

Operation measure

1.Shanghai noble baby

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Take inguinal inclined cut.

2. is shown1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Dew spermary.

3. pine sees energy demand.

4. closes peritoneal scabbard account dash forward.

5. enlarges scrotum.

6. secures spermary.

7. drawing spermary, shut cut.

The complication after art

Atrophy of haemorrhage, infection, spermary, spermary is answered shrink.

Spermary drawing operation

Art hind nurses

Observe cut has liquid of the blood that do not have ooze, ooze, the attention maintains operation place cleanness and each conduit unobstructed to secure. After art the first day, lie partly give priority to, ; of the activity other the bed the 2nd day, the activity other the bed. The ache after art can be reduced stage by stage, aspirin kind medicaments will be aggravating cut bleeds, answer to be used less as far as possible. Abide by doctor’s advice strictly to take drug, on time further consultation with a doctor.

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