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Ran pants fiercer, have the reason of physiology respect already, because cause,also may be disease cause of disease, move at ordinary times for example the quantity is less, now and then run pace, each respect cannot get used to the body, may bring about at that time pant more serious, additional if compare fat, heart lungs function can get very big1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Influence, cause such appearance easily also, of course if itself has a few hearts kind disease, or respiratory system disease, may cause such appearance.

Ran pants fierce what reason

How is feel a pain in chest answered when ran

Avoid feel a pain in chest, want to be given priority to with low fibrous food in the food before contest above all. For example: ?  of ⒎ of  of have illicit relations with of ⒚ of ∶ word yo chooses ⑵ of ⑼ refine a low bank of earth between fields salty anthology ㈣ is swollen embrace? to want sufficient warm up next, body drawing, loosen.

Feel a pain in chest encounters in the match, should face calmly. Because because breathe flesh,feel a pain in chest is (intercostal muscle and midriff flesh) convulsion causes, so drawing loosens midriff flesh to be able to alleviate for some time. Can try both hands across, the centre of the palm has lifted the top of head up, at the same time successive deep breathing, last half minutes. Another kind of method is to use the means with contrary abdominal, namely inspiratory when abdomen is contractive, expiratory when abdomen beat rises, wait for ache to alleviate a little again deep breathing.

Ran pants fierce what reason

The rhythm of the breath when ran

You can be in the pace that while ran breathes, silent counts him. For example, if you use the breathing rhythm of 2-2, you should be in step left foot inspiratory, stride right leg inspiratory, when stepping left foot again next expiratory, when striding right leg again expiratory. With this analogize. If you use the breathing rhythm of 3-3, you are OK and prevenient strideForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
3 paces are successive and inspiratory, the 3 paces that step next are successive and expiratory, with this analogize. Feel uncontrollable when you breathe or when pace, can change breathing rhythm to make him calm. Practice different breathing rhythm, for instance 2-2, 3-3, 2-3, 3-4, look which kind of suit you most, should look to fall in diverse line especially (for instance much abrupter hill road) , the match and rhythm of which kinds of breath when running easily suit most.

The person that there still is one share in living possibly thinks ran should breathe with nose, can cost greater strength only so, and cannot relaxed ran, need the breath that use the mouth it is thus clear that, such rise running that spend effort little, still can run easily comfortable, running so that what moment has of course unwell need inactive.

Ran pants fierce what reason

Just began ran to want what to noticeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

1, : of the drawing after just beginning ran to notice to run?  ぞ appearance calls out  to believe Xiong to use up  ? muscle delays latitude of emulsion will decrescent. Can affect the size of step not only, also can affect the attitude of ran. If ache of the predestined relationship outside a lot of knee is the side outside ham (Qia leg bundle) too closeShanghai noble baby

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Cause. For the person that no matter be adept still to just beginning the abecedarian of ran,run, the drawing after ran is little not.

The side outside ham (Qia leg bundle) is drawing method: ? Body of? of nine of U of ⒙ of Li of hesitating of Ran teaching Kui bends downward and feel toe hard, feel from the back of the leg outside side has acid to bilge feeling, hold 30 seconds, change another leg again. A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Repeat 2-3 second.

2, just began ran to notice food is reasonable: ? Exemplarying horn fly does official of  of beat of persimmon of moisture in the soil make   smooth with a rake? Li of Mei of tip round take along sth to sb steals Mu to wring? to eat a few banana or flake biscuit to wait for) , want to avoid full abdomen ran, the ran after filling up eat with 1 hour advisable. Run the pace can have normal food and drink more than 60 minutes.

3, just began ran to notice to water correctly: ? ? of the Ang austral closely question of ㄆ of Quan  discharge should shift to an earlier date 20 drink water to 30 minutes, but unfavorable the water that drinks excessive. After ran motion ends, should complement appropriately moisture, best is right amount ground absorbs brine more be helpful for health.

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