Cycle of new Olympic Games of urge again and again sets out again not in order to defend Du Sai of battle of crown champion state of mind


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of news of the network austral Fujian to set out again not in order to defend: of origin of Du Sai of battle of crown champion state of mind? Detain  thoroughfare?2017-05-24 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

Beijing time on May 23, CCTV sports channel broadcasts the special interview to Ding Ning. In the light of the Dusaierduofu that is about to begin world ping is surpassed, urge again and again says she never thinks him move is the champion that defend crown, every player produced new cycle to上海千花网论坛

make much change, she wants to endeavor to go all out only go revealing oneself. The lowermost target that ping of world of urge again and again surpasses, still be the battle outside not be defeated.

After Li Xiaoxia announces formally on January 1 this year to retire, urge again and again becomes active service country to ping in female group group exclusive player of a vole. This year on Feburary 17 morning, kong Linghui announces in the team, became 4 years the Ding Ning of assistant team leader replaces Li Xiaoxia to become a country to ping of female team hold the post of captain newly. But accident is Ding Ning it is subsequently in the force training that day morning inadvertent sprain hurt left foot, group medical service took the remedial step such as glacial apply at that time, she the Qatar that because this is absent,also is about to begin at that time makes public contest.

April surpass without Xi Yajin, the beautiful house of champaign of Japanese young general that 2-3 of urge again and again loses to spent birthday 17 years old that day, bring about champaign beautiful eaves to hit mad, subsequently smooth field operations gets the better of Zhu Yuling and Chen Meng to obtain female Chan Guanjun. In time of a when in Hubei yellow Shi Feng shuts assemble for training many month, training what the big screen on house wall broadcasts repeatedly is the picture that champaign beautiful eaves gains the championship. Urge again and again writes inferior bright and beautiful contest is summed up by post in the markeddest position, as captain inferior of bright and beautiful contest suffer a defeat, oneself fail to guard this line, this lets Ding Ning is self-condemned very.

Urge again and again says: “Inferior of bright and beautiful contest suffer a defeat to be touched to whole group very big, probably this is one yields a turning point of bad emergency good work. Through this Ci Yajin is surpassed, we take adversary seriously more grow and change, the fight of whole group is more tenacious. The fight of w阿拉爱上海同城

hole group is more tenacious..

International ping couplet stipulates the match uses ball instead the big ball of 40+ , during this lets world bright and beautiful surpass, brunt of very multilateral ping feels very incommensurate. Close Ding Ning’s director teachs during assemble for training practice changes section and physical ability link from the technology, strengthened the specific aim to Ding Ning to train. Chen Bin’s coach says: “After changing big globe, requirement player is coordinated in the movement of drive there is new change on gender, rationality and pace. ” and at ordinary times training course comes down, urge again and again is met increase experienced physical ability actively together with teammate. After the ball greatened, to the physical ability of ping-pong athlete the demand increased many.

In close in the contest of open warm up of later period of assemble for training, 2-4 of urge again and again was defeated by Chen Xing to be the same as. Urge again and again thinks the match inside the team is hit very hard originally, teammate actual strength is very strong. Through such actual combat him match can sum up inadequacy, ping for the world contest prepares for war better. Chen Bin is in close during assemble for training, also such dredge urge again and again, chen Bin says: “A person’s greatest success is not others remembers you, envy you, however others needs you. ” to Ding Ning, by need, it is a kind of happiness.

Look into coming Dusaierduofu world ping contest, urge again and again says above all: “This world ping surpasses the look upon of state of mind that I never defend crown champion with. New Olympic Games cycle begins, my position, and the circumstance of a lot of players produced change. Likelihood I do last cycle a few more faultlessly, achieved a goal. But new periodic him need sets out anew. ” the target that as to oneself world ping surpasses Dusaierduofu, urge again and again says: “Endeavor to go all out, go showing oneself. ” 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

and CCTV reporter Li Wujun says, the bottom line of urge again and again is the battle outside not be defeated likewise. (Red)

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