Biyadi greets bibcock of share of car of new energy resources to go up greatly go up inside the month 34.05%



Yesterday, bibcock of car of new energy resources Biyadi goes up greatly once more 7.81% , go up inside the month already achieved 34.05% . Lead in what get bellwether vane, car of new energy resources board p上海贵族宝贝交流区

iece whole is behaved yesterday not common, go up achieve 1.2爱上海同城手机版

% .

According to report of negotiable securities daily, will integratedly look, 2018 finance allowance not fall off, industrial catenary cost will continue to drop, truckload sales volume and bicycle p上海龙凤论坛sh1f

rofit all hopeful rises, gain flexibility will promote continuously.

Drive except policy, market demand promotion, outstanding achievement to good outside anticipating, car of new energy resources board piece the appraise value with inferior whole still is the investor below current concussion market chase after generally hold this board in both hands piece one of main reasons. Board piece inside: Chang’an car (7.02 times) , go up steam group (10.81 times) , China region car (11.02 times) , Great Wall car (13.95 times) , eaves opens a passenger train (14.43 times) , 3 friendly chemical industry (16.6 times) , Beijing power share (17.9 times) with. Even if newest and dynamic city is filled with the Biyadi before a house going up inside the month rate also be in 40 times the following, for 39.27 times. Afore-mentioned having that what appraise is worth an advantage in, steam group, eaves connects a passenger car to wait for two on hind city is behaved most be valued by the orgnaization, the orgnaization inside nearly 30 days is bought or add hold etc value grade number to all reach above in 15, it is 21 respectively, 15.

Of catenary of whole to car of new energy resources industry hind city opportunity, the reporter combs certificate business to grind newspaper discovery, the following domain of 3 big fractionize is valued generally by the orgnaization. 1. Car of new energy resources is truckload, especially policy encourages the electric animal that give a上海龙凤论坛sh1f

id to to shed a car to invest an opportunity. Relevant like Biyadi, Jiang Huai car, eaves connects car of plane of passenger car, nation, east wind car; 2. Attention appraise value and outstanding achievement are added fast the bibcock of growing sex component that match. Recommend stock of science and technology of forge of astral world share, essence, Dong Mu; 3. Dynamical cell and its key resource of raw material lithium appears on the market relevantly company, be like firm luck fertile can, lithium of Guo Xuan Gao Ke, 100 million abb can, cobaltic course of study of line of business of molybdenum of c上海贵族宝贝

ourse of study of course of study of day Qi Li, lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province, Luoyang, Hua You.

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

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