Minimum wage sign is moved on 17 areas endowment insurance whole nation plans as a whole be all set


Login register text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian is minimum wage sign moved on 17 areas does endowment insurance whole nation plan as a whole: of origin of be all set? Long has contraction?2017-1新上海贵族宝贝论坛

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Original title: How much is standard of each district minimum wage? Endowment insurance when does the whole nation plan as a whole? Person company department responds to heat of the people’s livelihood

Yesterday, person company department holds press conference of the 3rd quarter, responded to whole nation of minimum wage, endowment insurance to plan as a whole, a series of the people’s livelihood such as pay of worker of obtain employment situation, peasant heat up bit of problem:

Up to by October, the whole nation shared 17 areas to adjust; of上海千花网论坛

minimum wage standard

Endowment insurance whole nation prepares to stride; of the first pace next year as a whole

Since town of whole nation of 3 quarters end registers unemployment rate to be financial crisis nadir;

Will increase what violate act to defaulting peasant worker pay to investigate strength.

17 areas had adjusted minimum wage level

Lu Aigong of spokesman of news of person company department introduces, up to by October, the whole nation shared 17 areas to adjust minimum wage level, average key amplitude is spent 10.4% . Countrywide month 2300 yuan minimum wage level is top is Shanghai, level of hour minimum wage is top is 22 yuan of Beijing.

Data shows, the area amount that minimum wage standard moves on this year relatively increased considerably last爱上海

year, and only 9 areas raised minimum wage level 2016.

In addition, person company department still discloses, 19 areas released salary to point to lead, datum line is in 8% the left and right sides. 14 province raise level of annuities of foundation of urban and rural dweller.

Endowment insurance whole nation steps the first pace next year as a whole

To the progress that endowment insurance whole nation plans as a whole, lu Aigong discloses, with respect to eye antecedent condition looks, countrywide each district came true already basically provincial as a whole, laid good foundation as a whole for the whole nation.

Lu Aigong says, person company department jointly with concerned branch, accelerating research to advance endowment insurance whole nation to work as a whole, preparation steps the first pace next year, execute primary endowment insurance first the system is regulated in the center of fund, between balanced area as a result of population structure especially the raises ratio different to be brought greatly too endowment insurance burden that the flow of population brings about, adjust surplus and deficiency, help each other in endowment insurance of countrywide limits上海龙凤论坛

play further in all aid action, can last of system of stimulative endowment insurance development.

Data shows, 1-9 month, 5 fund gross income is 4.7 trillion yuan, grow 37.7% compared to the same period, total outlay is 4.02 trillion yuan, grow 34% compared to the same period. Investment of fund of primary endowment insurance is begun steadily, 9 provinces such as Beijing, Anhui (area, city) arrange of countersign of director of government and social security fund entrusts investment contract, contract total amount 430 billion yuan, among them 180 billion yuan of capital had begun investment to Zhang.

The town unemployment rate that register comes for financial crisis nadir

Obtain employment is the biggest the people’s livelihood. Data of person company department shows, town of 1-9 month whole nation increases obtain employment newly 10.97 million person, add 300 thousand person compared to the same period, finish annual target job basically. 3 quarters end, the countrywide town unemployment rate that register is 3.95% , since be financial crisis nadir.

Data of spot of △ invite applications for a job pursues

The situation of before this year 3 quarters is very good still, the condition that develops with the whole economy society of our country also is synchronous. Lu Aigong says, but also want to see, grimmer challenge is faced sinc上海龙凤论坛

e obtain employment job is long-term. China is big country of natural resources of big country of a population, labor, gross pressure is not decreased for a long time, as economy development enters new normal state, structural sex contradiction is more outstanding.

To next working arrangement, lu Aigong points out, it is to drive be born of obtain employment policy to get effective. 2 it is to catch obtain employment of group of good focal point with all one’s strength. Organize special service activity, concentration promotes leave school not obtain employment of obtain employment graduate, reliable and orderly advance go producing can worker billabong finds a place for, the organization begins obtain employment to support deficient day activity, advance a country to transfer personnel of difficulty of labour force, town to wait for obtain employment of of all kinds group as a whole. 3 it is to be driven energetically do poineering work drive obtain employment. 4 it is communal obtain employment serves aggrandizement.

Without reason defaults a farmer to be versed in salary will be included blacklist

Face close the end of the year, default a farmer to be versed in wage issue gets attention fully. To this, lu Aigong expresses, person company department was released recently ” default a farmer to be versed in salary blacklist runs temporary measure ” , this method is the serious content that establishs lasting effect mechanism,上海龙凤论坛sh1f

default a farmer to be versed in wage issue will produce very big effect to solving.

According to introducing, this method made clear the whole nation’s unified level that includes blacklist and case, include embezzle part of what should be issued, without reason to default peasant worker pay, the; that amount achieves cognizance refus to because default a farmer to be versed in salary violates behavior to cause incident of group sex incident, extreme to cause undesirable society to affect,do not pay work reward blame number level; still stipulates unit of choose and employ persons is after blacklist be includinged, will purchase in governmental financing support, government, action bid, privilege of admittance of loan of examine and verify of manufacturing license, aptitude, financing, market, taxation, judge judge classy respect to be restricted first.

Lu Aigong expresses, next, the conduct propaganda that person company department still will continue to reinforce idea unscrambles the job, coach serious organization carries out the place. In the meantime, cooperate to clutch about the branch the document that publishs associated chasten measure, increase what violate act to defaulting peasant worker pay to investigate strength, cogent safeguard peasant worker worker to close right increase.

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