Coast of Shenzhen hill body breaks couplet personnel list 76 times 3 people come from Fujian


Shenzhen of center extensive network on December 22 message on December 22 15: At 0 o’clock, the 5th bulletin that calamity of coast of promising new developed area comes to help, up to on December 22 14 when 30 minutes, share 76 people to break couplet (the male 51 people, female 25) among them information of 73 person share already was checked, portion of additionally 3 person is being checked in, for two male one female. The reason that the number that break couplet declines is, 15 person that break couplet get in touch. Specific list is released on Shenzhen Guan Wei.




Relevant news:

Coast of Shenzhen hill body is preliminary decide violate compasses exercise to bring about

On December 20 11 when 40 minutes, the side after group of industry of abundant of peaceful of constant of community of phoeni阿爱上海同城

x of Shenzhen city bright newly-added district produces accident of hill body coast one case, cause industrial garden division many workshop side sinks, much person is stranded.

Create 22 factory building in all via accident of the preliminary coast that check by bury, involve a company 15. Small gain of government of Chinese fire control says, this incident of hill body coast affects area 20 thousand more than square metre, officers and soldiers of 194 squadron of 19 fire control, fire control rescues Shenzhen 2 times the dog hurries to the spot, total fleet of Guangdong province fire control already 4 rescuing teams carry assign the life flaw-detecti爱上海同城对对碰

ng apparatus, dog that rescue is driven toward reinforce, at present safe already evacuate 900 much people.

A ginger gentleman that opens computer to maintain inn in red col village says, the earth that creates landslide is the broken bits earth that nearly two years Shenzhen construction digs foundation to be taken, recumbent hill pile comes, hill is about 100 meters tall. Promising new developed area brings inspect section relevant controller expresses, accident account is initial concluding is temporarily earth of more than bo爱上海同城手机版

dy refuse suffers accept field to violate compasses exercise, get accept slop flood, to body giving mountain, rush to stand by the garden of Heng Taiyu industry of hill body. This field accepting offer is the person approval such as Xu Yuanan of director of management board of city of primary promising new developed area上海千花网


According to local villager report, broken bits earth piles up be in is a quarry originally, bedraggled later. In last few years, car of earth of large broken bits carries broken bits earth to arrive all the time qua爱上海同城

rry. Current, village of accident ground red col south hill body green plant already by hollow, bare the cinnamon the earth’s surface that gives chunk. The data shows, natural resources of Shenzhen mineral products is not substantial, only quarry takes the development of resource of a few mineral products such as earth, mineral water. The relevant document that Shenzhen city publishs is clear, the decision undertakes to the stone pit that already closed hundreds times zoology restores, withhold 12 to be restricted to select an area only, include mining area of Baoan area red col namely among them.

Actually, accident ground pours broken bits earth secretly long-standing of this one circumstance. According to coverage of Shenzhen news network, last year in October, villager of red col village ever had mirrorred clay car to steal problem of broken bits earth. Close paragraph of time, in village of red col of Shenzhen light new develo爱上海

ped area here, arrive much at 9 o’clock in the evening, have body refuse of dump of car of head of a lot of overweighted mud queueing up, still exert all his strength next by the horn, to before dawn 34 when nodding, also be such.

(literal picture is integrated from extensive network of newspaper of Shenzhen evening paper, brilliant, center, southern Metropolis Daily)

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