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Can eat moon cake in every family of annual the Mid-autumn Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival when eatForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Moon cake is our country circulates long is traditional, annual now the Mid-autumn Festival when can all sorts of moon cake appear, to varied moon cake, a lot of people are after the attempt or meeting feeling has vintage moon cake to accord with his taste only, very much to vintage moon cake person a kind of more feelings, of course we ourselves also can make vintage moon cake in the home now.

Vintage how is crisp skin moon cake done

Practice one


Water oily dough: 100 grams corn is oily, 100 grams water, flour 320 grams,

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Oily dough: Corn is oily 100 grams, flour 150 grams.

Stuffing makings: Shredded coconut stuffing 100 grams, egg fluid 50 grams, butter 50 grams, Shanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Milk 50 grams, white sugar 50 grams, tendril Yue Mei is right amount.

Complementary makings: Egg fluid, white sesame seed.


Water oily dough and short dough become reconciled reserve. Part water oily dough and short dough hold tight becomes small agent child. Wrap namely crisp, open roll of water oily dough, encase short dough, binding off is held close. Good the bag crisp skin roll leaves, coil, repeat 2 times, cover with wet cloth flabby 5 minutes. Expect stuffing li of Yue Mei that divide tendril, all data say to mix again divide evenly, microwave oven heats 3 minutes to be taken out, join tendril to jump over berry to mix divide evenly, the group becomes spherule, reserve. Open crisp skin roll. The bag enters stuffing makings, binding off, press flat. Bake dish of oilpaper on the shop. Put the crisp skin of shredded coconut stuffing that has made, brush egg fluid, scatter on sesame seed. Oven bakes 25 minutes 180 degrees, can give heat. Bite glibly crisp, child of the old person in the home likes most.

Vintage how is crisp skin moon cake done

Little skill:

1, oven temperature differs somewhat, do to allow a gram with the oven temperature of oneself adjust appropriately.

2, when roll makes crisp skin OK and proper much roll a few, do not exceed 3 times can.

Practice 2

Advocate makings: Medium muscle flour (outermost layer of skin) oil of 200 grams, corn or salad oil (outermost layer of skin) 65 grams, water (outermost layer of skin) 65 grams, candy (outermost layer of skin) 15 grams, weak strength flour (short) oil of 200 grams, corn or salad oil (short) 200 grams,

Complementary makings: Ripe groundnut is 48 grams, black and white sesame seed 42 grams, melon seeds 58 grams, almond 50 grams, currant 48 grams, walnutmeat 45 grams, corn oil or salad oil 40 grams, maltose is 20 grams, pure water 95 grams, candy pink of 70 grams, polished glutinous rice 158 grams, .

Vintage how is crisp skin moon cake done

The measure that make:

1.Material of 5 benevolence stuffing gets ready (exceed 5 actually benevolence! Oneself eat want to put a few benevolence put a few benevolence, it is so capricious! Breath out ~~) . Walnut, groundnut, sesame seed, melon seeds is baked ahead of schedule ripe, mincing. (Need not too broken, feeling of grain having a place is more delicious) . Material of outermost layer of skin enters a basin inside, become garrulous with chopstick agitate first, reoccupy hand kneads dough, the lid lasts film wakes the side is limp. Short material puts a basin, become a group with chopstick agitate, the lid lasts film is looseShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Relax. Wake 5 benevolence stuffing are made during the face, all material use hand agitate into the basin even, can good into the group, water tries to add do not add.

2.The outermost layer of skin that has waked breaks up the small dough that controls into 20 grams, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Short is equational control into 16 grams1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Small dough, 5 benevolence stuffing are divided into ball of 30 grams roundlet. All sorts of in all 18. Roll of outermost layer of skin becomes wafer, encase short. Like holding steamed stuffed bun, hold close. Roll becomes long-tongued state. Roll into of from above to below coils, the lid lasts film is flabby. All and ordinal had done. Take the first small, roll becomes strip, roll into of from above to below coils. Other second had done, the lid lasts film is flabby. Take the first small, press among, arrange a circle.

3.Roll becomes wafer, encase stuffing expects. Tiger’s mouth-jaws of death stops a circle, hold close, not let the cat out of the bag can, press pressure, into oblate form. The lid lasts film is flabby 10 minutes. Next fire on oven 190 degrees of warm-up 10 minutes. The fire below the oven above with send warm-up good 190 degrees roast 25 minutes can. (Temperature time offers referenced) only.

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