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The food of firm fruit can remove much edible to add the effect of the protein inside body and vitamin content, especially to dot, it is nut of should much edible more, the growing development that is helpful for the child, enhance a constitution. But of dot carry feeding also is the problem that makes parents very pained, do not like to eat nut when the child when, be inferior to trying to match spinach and smoked bean curd together, so how does spinach fry smoked bean curd to should be done?

Spinach fries smoked bean curd

Raw material: Oil of spinach, smoked bean curd, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, salt.


1, two paragraphs are cut after spinach is abluent.

2, iron 20 seconds into the float in the pot that added a few salt and salad oil, fish out squeezes dry moisture.

3, smoked bean curd cuts into shreds.

4, explode sweet ginger silk, next spinach break up fry a few times add oil of salt, Chinese prickly ash one spoon flavors code giving boiler is in dish in.

5, a few oil fries silk of smoked bean curd, boiler shop goes out to be on spinach after flavorring a little.

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, salt and oil are added to be able to let vegetable maintain green when float is very hot. 2, ginger silk wants many times ability to give taste than doing dish to measure at ordinary times. 3, smoked bean curd is ripe originally so not long fry, break up a little it is OK to fry.

Spinach fries smoked bean curd

The nutrient value of smoked bean curd and effect

1, the nutrition of smoked bean curd value

Smoked bean curd is the legume with very high value of a kind of nutrition feeds capable person, it is contained a large number of protein and a variety of vitamins and mineral, among them the content of the material such as calcic, iron and magnesium is higher, people edible can promote the body to metabolize normally later, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Raise healthy level.

2, smoked bean curd can increase memory

Smoked bean curd can increase human memory, the natural material of a kind of alcohol calling steriod is contained in smoked bean curd, this kind of material is OK and direct action is mixed at human cerebra neurological, can raise cerebral cell active, can increase memory, also can reduce senile and gawkish happening.

Spinach fries smoked bean curd

3, smoked bean curd can fall blood sugar and blood fat

Smoked bean curd can fall blood sugar and hematic fat, it contains a kind of natural material that can restrain pancreatin active, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Improve pancreas islet function, stimulative insulin is secreted, have very big gain to the control of diabetic illness, additionally the black glucoside in smoked bean curd still can clear the cholesterol in human body blood, bate blood-vessel, accelerate blood to flow, at ordinary times often edible can let exorbitant hematic fat fall, also can prevent the happening of tall blood fat.

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