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Article introduction

When having a meal everyday, take a few pickle to regard as appropriately cole, can make one the individual’s appetite better. Because a few acidity material are contained in pickle, these acidity material can promote the assimilation of human body to absorb. But the sort of pickle also has a lot of, its sort basically is feed capable person according to what pickle place chooses of different classification. Bamboo shoot serves as a kind of vegetable that appears on the market in great quantities in spring, can you use bamboo shoot to come so hubble-bubble dish?

Bamboo shoot is OK hubble-bubble dish

Raw material: Clean bamboo shoots in spring 5New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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000 grams, cooking wine 150 grams, chili face 150 grams, salt 250 grams, anise 25 grams, cassia bark a few.

Preparation: Inspect the build size of bamboo shoots in spring, cut bamboo shoots in spring two piece with the knife or 4 valve, build is smaller also need not cut. Next, boil bamboo shoots in spring with brine, put anise, cassia bark, cooking wine to wait again boil 0.5 hours or so, go foam, in carrying even boiling water bamboo shoot to pour a basin fully cool.

Practice: Take pickle world, enter fully cool raw material, add chili area, notice Shang Shui cannot pass much. Build good altar mouth, after 1 week can edible, the knife can change according to needing to undertake when edible.

Bamboo shoot is OK hubble-bubble dish

Operate a point:

1, had better choose the sort of jar that can add watertight to seal, sealed one of keys that are pickle of the success bamboo shoots in spring that make. In addition, altar edge water wants the clear water that often changes clean, change water informal cleanness altar edge. The time that such saving is longer.

2, makeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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In making a process, cannot take unripeFall in love with the sea to be the same asShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Water enters world, also cannot touch oil, otherwise easy and broken.

3, take when feeding, should use withoutShanghai Long Feng forum

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The special chopstick of oily, unripe unboiled water.

4, inchoate pickle flavour is not beautiful, also can add a cup of old Shang Shui to enter world, so successful rate is higher, cuisine is better, because the lactobacillus in old Shang Shui can accelerate new water,mature.

Pickle practice as follows

1. will the dish of bubble is abluent airing. Cut chunk or (do not want too small) .

2. heats clear water, why cannot have unboiled water? The truth is very simple, tap water (unboiled water) contain miscellaneous bacterium, and the chlorine inside can kill pickle bacterium. Put right amount salt (every 1 kilogram of water make an appointment with 80 grams salt) put by to reserve.

Bamboo shoot is OK hubble-bubble dish

3. has altar water: In the pickle jar before in order to ” mother water ” , OK perhaps and homeward li of friend that already had pickle jar want a few, put in new world water, can have better taste, there is many lactobacillus inside. If cannot be found,be forced oneself were made afresh. Already will cooling clear water enters mother water in.

4. adds spice, chinese prickly ash, fennel, liquor, altar water is made.

5. enters ready vegetable altar souse. Dish wants replete, as far as possible little interspace, stand by altar mouth with fluid face, it is advisable that brine floods vegetable. Be in all round altar mouth in cistern infuse cool boiled water, buckle on buckle a bowl, put in shady and cool place.

The local attention that 6. pickle puts is shady and cool, the attention maintains altar mouth to from beginning to end water does not enter air and bacterium in order to make sure altar is medium. If discover to there is the appearance of unripe flower in altar, add a few white spirit can.

7. bubble chili and green vegetables when can use very few mother water, put chili, put salt again, a chili a salt, bittern need not have wided pickle.

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