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Beautiful spiral shell belongs to a kind high grade marineShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Shellfish, mouthfeel is quite delicate after passing culinary art, get of people love. Eat outside much, also want to be in for certainLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The home starts work cooking, the seafood that is shellfish only is not very good the opportunity that grasps maturity, also can encounter similar problem when becoming beautiful spiral shell, let a person very headache. So, a few minutes does beautiful spiral shell boil? We come below specific see time.

 Beautiful spiral shell boils a few minutes

This basically depends on the size of beautiful spiral shell. Generally speakingShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
, the beautiful spiral shell of moderate volume is boiled about 5 to 6 minutes can, Shanghai noble baby

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Had better not exceed 10 minutes. Beautiful spiral shell is put after adding water to be burned with conflagration, maintain conflagration, see snail flesh protruding comes out about the same.

Water boils the practice of beautiful spiral shell:

Specific means:

Material: Conch

Condiment: Green paragraph, Jiang Pian (a few can, the fishy smell with take out light conch) , ginger juice, white vinegar, mustard


1. conch scrub is clean, cold underwater boiler (water has overflowed conch can)

 Beautiful spiral shell boils a few minutes

2. puts onion paragraph, Jiang Pian (if pay no attention to the raw meat or fish that Na Yiding nods,this pace can be dropped elliptically)

After 3. water leaves, sea snail boils 10-15 minute, small conch boils 3-5 in minute.

In the process of the 4. conch that boil, can make two kinds flavor dip in juice.

Extract juice with fresh ginger, next little is trying to join white vinegar, edge border is tasted, accord with oneself appetite can

Also can mix to flavor with white vinegar and mustard dip in juice, the comrades that flavour of comfortable heal up weighs

5. is used beautiful dish dish a conch that has boiled and dip in juice has been filled, the United States eats beautifully.

Hot wine boils beautiful spiral shell

Advocate makings: Spend snail 750 grams

Complementary makings: Chili of; of peanut oil, liquor, soy, salt (You Jia of bubble any of several hot spice plants) , Chi of Chinese prickly ash, ginger, garlic, beans (or) of thick broad-bean sauce, water starch


Abluent, filter does 1. beautiful spiral shell, chili, the head of garlic cuts bead, ginger section, fabaceous Chi mincing;

 Beautiful spiral shell boils a few minutes

2. peanut oil is hot in coming lukewarm, chi of next chili, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, garlic, beans explodes sweet, enter beautiful spiral shell, fry to dry body, add liquor 50-100 milliliter, flip through, add soy, salt. A bit stew.

3. receives juice a bit, with water starchFall in love with the sea

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Tick off Gorgon euryale. Install dish hind, the more than juice in boiler adds a few soup water, after be being boiled by dish the predestined relationship fillsNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
To flesh of snail of Shang Zhike infiltration can.

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