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Live the optimal time that takes crab, among this year, 8 to September it is the season that teems with crab, at that time crab character is best, taste flavour is first-rate also, want to learn to choose the method of crab additionally, want to choose frisky crab for instance, the method that evaporate crab has now is very much, what recommend today is pachyrhizus evaporate crab, the detailed method that make is as follows.

How is pachyrhizus evaporate crab done?

The practice of pachyrhizus evaporate crab:

Preparation feeds capable person, fresh vivid crab, hearts sweet potato

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Case opening a lid goes cheek wait

After half-and-half dissections, cut a few by crab foot again,

Flay of hearts sweet potato, cut again piece, ginger cuts end

Dish the hearts sweet potato that has cut on bottom shop piece, by crab original figure is placed on sweet potato,

Scatter on a few salt, and the Jiang Mo that has cut

Irrigate equably onFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cooking wine, the crab on the lid is built, evaporate 15-20 minute

Scatter on chopped green onion, on desk

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Crab of appearance evaporate sea – sweet evaporate pachyrhizus crab

How is pachyrhizus evaporate crab done?

Prepare data, will green crab is rinsed with tooth brush, cut next tongs first, reopen lid goes branchial, cut crab body 4 chunk, pat broken tongs with the back of a knife blade, ginger green water is put to be burned in boiler, the float that put crab irons drop of 1 minute of fish out dry

Pachyrhizus flay cuts small, place yam bean in dish in, green crab is placed above, transfer into a bit salt is mixed cooking wine

Scatter on Jiang Mo. Join crab lid, open conflagration evaporate 8 minutes or so to involve fire, enter oil of evaporate fish Chi, scatter on one sweet green

Remove boiler oil additionally to burn heat, irrigate go up in green, appetizing saliva crab ah ~

How is pachyrhizus evaporate crab done?

The crab of bright delicacy adds delicious yam bean!

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, actually pachyrhizus to the person also have profit greatly, unobstructed of intestines and stomach can feel after like pachyrhizus the person of a lot of constipation eats this kind of crude fibre especially. And the smell of pachyrhizus is sweet, the person of a lot of areas can regard pachyrhizus as staple food will eat, normally pachyrhizus evaporate crab can feel compare sweet

2, of pachyrhizus sweet mix together with the delicacy of crab, it is a kind of world delicate, a lot of moment can choose to try a few new famished look. When eating crab, like to eat sweet potato particularly or the thing with cucumber bit sweeter and so on. When everybody boils crab next time, might as well have a try.

3, and have a lot of places they may enter the arena to lag behind with respect to economy, boil a big crab to often need to use of a lot of burn gas, if this moment follows the word that pachyrhizus boils together, so the specification compares economic environmental protection. And can feel the meeting on crab comes looseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Give out the distinct fragrance of a few pachyrhizus, make appetite big


Pachyrhizus evaporate crab is Suzhou well known a famished look, organic in the future meeting carries the sentence that Suzhou will come to to travel, remember must be being tasted, perhaps can give leave different impression. The word of pachyrhizus, general meeting chooses hearts pachyrhizus, the word of hearts pachyrhizus is more exquisite, and more sweet.

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